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We realize your reputation is based on the quality of advice you provide to your clients.  We appreciate that you have worked hard – and for many years – to earn the trust of your clients.  Achieving the best possible outcome sometimes requires strategic alliances with partners of integrity and reliability.

Trusted Advisors value the services Scutta Advocacy Group provides at a point where your expertise or time are limited. We will guide your clients and provide the leg work necessary to achieve the intended goals.  By interacting directly with clients and the accompanying social and family dynamics, and providing our general expertise, we achieve significant results. 


We can act a Durable POA and Health Care POA as well as Personal Representative if the situation is appropriate.  We are discreet, responsive, focused and detailed.


Attorneys / Trusted Advisor’s Areas of Interest

  • Proactive planning suggestions

  • Legal – refer to estate planning attorneys if the need exists

  • Durable Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Health Care (Medical) Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Personal Representative (Executor)

  • Independent local referral source

  • Guardian and Conservator

  • Safety Net program

  • Assessments/Screenings

  • Accompany clients to medical appointments

  • Crisis intervention

  • Predatorial protection

  • Evaluate and present appropriate level of housing or residential options

  • Communication with family members (if authorized)

  • End of Life Planning/Arrangements

  • Surviving Spouse transitional support

Power of Attorney
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