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Medical, Cognitive, Environmental, Financial, Emotional Well-being

Accompany Clients to medical appointments

In addition, Scutta Advocacy Group can provide safe transportation to and from medical appointments.

Monitor treatment plans

Navigate the healthcare system

Coordinate care between providers

Ensure physician’s orders are followed

Scutta Advocacy Group will advocate for clients by ensuring the physician's orders are followed

Home caregiver monitoring

Family caregiver coaching

Crisis intervention

24/7 availability



In some cases, a 3rd party may be more productive in the delicate arena of financial advocacy than a family member.  Some of those services include:

Routine Bill Paying

Scutta Advocacy Group assures that all appropriate bills are being paid on a routine basis, avoiding late charges or the interruption of service. We review medical bills before payment to assure that only valid bills are paid.


Predatorial Protection 

Personal Rights Protection – Protecting our client’s personal rights is an important part of what defines Scutta Advocacy Group. We offer personal rights protection in the following ways:

  • Power of Attorney – Through functioning as the client’s Power of Attorney (POA), we are bound by ethics and legal commitments to honor the wishes of our client in every aspect of their life.  We act on the client’s behalf in issues of the person, such as healthcare decisions, living arrangements, and end-of-life paths.

  • Agent for Power of Attorney – Scutta Advocacy Group can act in the capacity of an agent for a professional or family member who is the POA, shouldering many of the front line tasks as directed by the POA.

  • Conservator or Guardian of Estate – For the clients without a POA, when they can no longer make decisions for themselves, a Guardian is often appointed by the courts. Scutta Advocacy Group is a court appointed Guardian and court appointed Conservator in both Georgia and South Carolina.

  • Agent of Guardian or Conservator – If you are a guardian or conservator, we can bring the strength of the Scutta Advocacy Group Approach by acting as your agent, ensuring that the best decisions are being made for the ward.

Cost Containment


Financial Projections

Light Forensic Accounting

Scutta Advocacy Group assists in researching, organizing, and reviewing a client’s financial situation.  We help secure assets and find missing or forgotten assets.

Personal Project Management

When needed, Scutta Advocacy Group can also assist in organizing outside services such as electricians, plumbers, lawn service and roofers, ensuring that prices, certifications and insurances have been vetted.  This can support the client, assuring them that they are receiving the required services, at the right price, with the best provider.

General Advocacy


Proactive Planning Suggestions


Scutta Advocacy Group will refer to estate planning attorneys if the need exists for a client.

Durable Power of Attorney (POA)

Health Care (Medical) Power of Attorney (POA)

Personal Representative (Executor)

Independent local referral source

Guardian and Conservator

Safety Net program

Emotional Well Being


Planning and problem-solving


Communication with family members (if authorized)

End of Life Planning/Arrangements

Surviving Spouse transitional support



Evaluate and present appropriate level of housing or residential options

Living Arrangements

Scutta Advocacy Group can assist with safe and secure choices for future living, whether the living continues at home, with home care, or in a facility. We will also explore and offer objective living options, considering factors like the geographic location of client's loved ones, the financial resources available, and the psychosocial history of the client’s life

Assess level of care the client needs

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